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Random gold making tip:

Go to the enchanting supplier in shattrath, buy the shield enchant recipe for 4g, and resell it for 20-50g in ah. I do this on about 3 different servers, about 30 or 40 times in all :lol: kinda helpful for a bit more gold to your income :)


WOW Gold Farming For level 70ies

Outside Honor hold, behind the alliance "place" , there is a place called vally of bones. There are some easy lvl 59-60 birds flyiong around.
These birds have low hp and a level 70 (im a hunter) takes 1 bird down in a sec.  They will drop vendor trash + green. Then you can fill up your bags (5x16) in 20-30min. Selling them to vendor might get up to 40-50g. I got 70g at highest.
People say farm motes. We should make sure farm motes but if you wanna make money fast, that isn't the best way:

Som people like to "give" away items on AH lowering the price so you can loose money or wait untill the dude gets his things out of AH.
Traveling. sure HS is fast, but it takes you time. maby HS is on cooldown then you use like 15-20min maby to get to AH
Butting the things on AH, the motes/primals first of all its not 100% that you get it sold because of people lowering prices.

Where to find some pro warrior build guides?


Q:Complete newb to WoW, wanna start off right. Where can I find some in depth warrior build guides? I could easily google and find some but I want to know where the best guides are.
A:Please click: ttp://


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