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Guild Wars
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If You are a fresh to Guild Wars, it may seem a bit overwhelming and you may become uneased by the shear magnitude of options and wonder how exactly you become rather effective at this game? Joining Skryer will help get you in on the latest strategies and guides for Guild Wars. For now, here are a few playing tips:

Try out every profession and then choose the one which you feel most comfortable (playstyle being the most important aspect).

Read up the various fansites and guides to make sure you have a clear understanding of the game
Practice in the solo grounds, just to make sure you have the core movements and tactics clear.
Jump into either a group quest or player-versus-player match up. Allows for some quick experimentation.
Find a buddy who has prior Guild Wars experienced and tag along; learn from those who know.
If you see gold on the ground, pick it up as it is rather valuable.
Trade items that you do not need or want.
Doní»t engage hordes of creatures by yourself.
Doní»t be afraid of running away if you find yourself low on health.
Be smart, help your allies.
Try not to engage against large hordes, even as group, unless it is absolutely necessary; as it is much easier when tackling a few at a time.
Actively try to find and collect crafting material, as they are necessary to create better equipment.
Watch your mini-map! It is key to figuring out where your allies, foes and npcs are!

Don't take it too seriously if you lose. Hope you enjoy playing GW!


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